Westward Expansion

Meadow Mobley

Manifest Destiny

The Manifest Destiny painting means many different things. The painting shows travelers going west. It also had the Indians going west too. The main lady in the painting represents an angel. The painting shows everyone leaving the bright area and going west which is noticeably darker. The whole painting itself means progress. The Manifest Destiny was thought of as God's plan.

Picture Timeline

Trails West Map

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The purpose of the four overland trails that were taken for different reasons. The California trail was taken for gold and more land. The Mormon trail was taken for free religion. The Santa Fe trail was taken for more trade. The Oregon trail was for more land.

Texas Revolution

The settlers wanted better land to farm so they decided to move to Texas. There were two battles- The Battle of the Alamo and The Battle of San Jacinto. The Battle of the Alamo was a 13 day long battle. All of the defenders died against the Mexicans. The battle of San Jacinto only lasted 18 minutes. The Americans won and forced Santa Anna to sign a peace treaty which ended the war.

Mexican-American War

There were many parts to the Mexican-American War. What caused is the dispute between Mexico and the US of where the territory should be. The Bear Flag Revolt was when a small group of people in California revolted against Mexican Government and wanted to be their own independent republic. The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo increased the size of the US by 25% and ended the war completely. The Gadsden Purchase was when the US bought a small piece of land from Mexico and planned to build train tracks on it but the US never did.

Performance Writing

c. You are a 49’er and writing home for the first time. Describe in a letter what life is like in the mine camps, life in California, and being a part of the Gold rush.

Dear Grandmother,

Hello I finally got to San Francisco and I miss you very much. The journey here was long and treacherous and I want to go back to New York. I was hoping the journey would be payed off by now but I have had no luck. I have found absolutely no gold and it is crushing to hear the cheers from those who do. I am very poor and hungry and I am constantly working very hard and it all feels like a waste. I wish I never left you in New York. I do have hope I will hit it big one day, hopefully that day is soon. I hope to hear from you soon.


Your Grandson