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Information about the clubs and the ASPIRE GT students

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Announcing TED-Ed Clubs!

What is a TED Ed Club?

In January TED (which stands for Technology. Entertainment. Design.), the group behind those great TED Talks, created TED Ed Clubs. These clubs are for students from 3rd-12th grade that would like to participate in developing and presenting their own TED style talk about a topic they are passionate about. Schools had to apply for club status and the teacher facilitator was interviewed before club status was granted.

Last fall our 5th grade ASPIRE GT students participated in a similar experience - only they voted to call it SPARKx (Speaking Passionately About Real Knowledge) since there was no such thing as a TED Ed Club at the time. My students last year did a great job, not only on their talks but also in planning all aspects for the presentation days.

This year several of the GT Specialists have decided to step up and apply to be an official TED Ed Club. Both Glenhope and Bransford have been granted TED Club status. We will be incorporating aspects of their suggested curriculum with the lessons we developed last year.


Gifted children have many social and emotional needs. The opportunity to share in this way to friends, family, and peers speaks to their sense of justice, sensitivity, and passion. In this digital world, learning the skills of successful presentation is vitally important. It will also be a personal challenge for many and once they accomplish this task, they will have that feeling of elation that comes with pushing through a task and finding success.

Our TED Talks Wiki

Last year we developed the wiki listed above to use with the students to learn more about TED Talks and to help them develop their own talk complete with presentation. We have expanded the wiki this year to include information about the TED Ed Clubs. The link above will take you to page on our wiki that has a great video about TED Ed Clubs, explains the skills the students will be developing and the goals for a TED Ed Club set by TED.

Feel free to visit other pages on the wiki as well. The kids all love the video "I am Part of the Lost Generation" on the Challenge page. I know many of them have told me that they looked it up at home and shared it with their parents. Scroll further down the Challenge page and you will be able to see the Challenge Tellagami by one of last year's students. She is passing on the challenge to this year's 5th grade ASPIRE students.

We have also started watching some talks given by other students at an official TED event as well as some all time great TED Talks. Looking to see what makes an "Idea worth sharing" and how the speaker hooks their audience at the beginning of the talk and keeps them engaged for the duration.

Mini Talks

To prepare for talking in front of an audience, we have been practicing mini talks. The students practiced introducing their classmates as if they were a particular kind of speaker (TV announcer, Sports announcer, Librarian, even Mickey Mouse). The kids have also given mini talks, 10-20 seconds in length, about various and strange topics. They discovered the challenge of speaking for 20 seconds with no ums, wells, or likes. We will continue to work on mini talks and work our way up to recording the introduction and "Hook" for their talk, to finally being ready to give their talk.

How Can You Help?

Talk with your child. We are at the point where the students all need to choose their topic. Some of their ideas are way too broad. We are working on narrowing the topic and judging it against the criteria we created that determines if an idea is worth sharing.

Stay Tuned...

As we get closer to the days when we will present our TED Talks in late January and early February we will let you know the day and time your child will be sharing their story.