Romeo & Juliet Act 1 scene 4

by Exauce Nlemvo



Romeo is depressed on going to the party even though he had taken Benvolio's advice, but he was only going to stalk Rosalina the girl that he's in love with. Romeo believes that love hurts because the girl that he loves denies all men because she wants to become a nun. Mercutio says that Romeo should get the physical aspect of love if love keeps on hurting you. Mercutio says that "dreamers often lie" meaning that they are not true. Romeo believes that dreamers actually lie in bed asleep and tat they are true. Romeo has the urge that something is going to happen to him at the party such as death.


Act 1 Scene 4

Romeo and Mercutio were speaking about how dreams are true and not true. Mercutio was giving love advice to Romeo.

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Romeo and Juliet Act 1, Scene 4

Act 1 scene 4 song

It has the whole entire summary of the scene. It has all the major details of what is going on.