Global Running Day

June 7th at Montessori Country Day School

Great Weather! Great Friends! Fabulous Event!

Yesterday at MCDS school we celebrated Global Running Day. Global Running Day is a day for millions of people around the world to celebrate the joy of running. People take part in some form of running activity. They run around the block, take a long run with friends or play a game of tag with their children.

We at MCDS value the importance of movement in the lives of our students. This day acknowledges our commitment to health and wellness.

Enjoy these pictures of the students participating in this special activity.

We are a Part of One Million Kids Running on June 7, 2017

Committed to Encouraging Health and Wellness at MCDS

Yesterday we celebrated Global Running day at MCDS by doing various physical actives like Yoga, Jump rope, Bunny hop, Red Light, Green Light, Ring toss and racing around the campus. We would like to say our special thanks to Micah's dad (Mr. Paul) for sponsoring the whole event. We would also like to thank our principal Ms. Alexandrini for organizing all the activities and for providing special treats (Popsicle) for the whole school. It was a fun filled day for everyone!

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Jump Rope

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Horseshoe Toss

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Bunny Hop

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Red Light, Green Light

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Ice Pops!

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On June 7, 2017, people everywhere celebrated the joys of running and moving.

We at Montessori Country Day School were involved with Global Running Day as we planned a short run and fun-filled activities for all our friends to participate and support the effort of Million Kid Run.

And speaking of kids, this Million Kid Run on Global Running Day aims to get young people moving. The goal is to have a million kids around the world pledge to run or move on June 7, 2017. The Million Kid Run is about making fitness fun and inspiring kids to embrace running or other physical activity as a way to get healthy and fit.


  • Had an opening ceremony that included a lap challenge by our kindergarten guests from our sister campuses.
  • Participated in a Zumba warm-up led by Mrs. Shah.
  • Proceeded to the starting point listening to the Rocky theme song.
  • Recited the Pledge of Allegiance or had a moment of silence together at our flagpole.
  • Led by one of our fourth graders holding a pretend torch, students ran around the campus up to 6 laps before heading to the finish line for a photo op and congratulatory high fives.
  • Participated in a circuit of 5 activities hosted by each classroom teacher that included: a bunny hop, ring toss, jump rope, the game Red Light, Green Light, and yoga.
  • Received certificates and ribbons for participating in Global Running Day.
  • Enjoyed Popsicles!

We had an amazing day! We can't wait to do it again next year!

Heading Towards the Finish Line

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Global Running Day! A Big Success!

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