Sabreena Bapoo

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Who Am I?

My name is Sabreena Bapoo, and I am a grade 10 student. I was born in Mississauga but grew up and live in Brampton, Ontario. I live with my mother, father, older brother, and grandmother. My favourite thing to do is play sports. My favourites are ice hockey, soccer and football, but I am interested in learning lots of new sports. This also relates to the fact that I love to try new things. I love trying new foods, new activities, talking to new people because I believe it is the best way to learn about the world around me. Some people would call me quiet and observant, others call me loud and opinionated, and lots would say I am very competitive and outgoing. I see myself as an extremely well-rounded person because I enjoy so many different things. Overall, I have lots of different sides and personalities which helps me learn and try new things every day!

My Timeline

Winning Goal!

April 2016

Scoring the winning goal in shootout with the Brampton Canadettes

My Favourites

My LeadershIP StYle

Pace Setter

I like things done my way, lead by example, often tell people what to do. I am strongly motivated, and take initiative.

I can exercise this kind of leadership if working in a leader position. For example at a workplace, being a manager or team lead to get objectives complete

My Influences


Teachers are a major influence for me. Grade 10 especially has opened my eyes to the issues in the world. For example learning about genocide in history and prejudice in English has influenced me to take action, and has even got me thinking about pursuing a career with the United Nations or in politics to make changes in the world. Lots of teachers have made me a more educated and informed person, and I use things I learn every single day.


Simran is one of my best friends. We met in grade 9 and bonded over our mutual strive for success. Simran keeps me motivated to continue trying even when I want to give up. She is a very kind and caring friend, and always helps in times of need. Together, we are determined to be the best we can, and she radiates lots of positive energy.

Gian Luca

Gian Luca has a great influence on me, because he inspires me to step out of my comfort zone. In our relationship he is the more carefree one. He helps me see things from a different point of view and has made me a better person because of it. His stress-free attitude has rubbed off on me, making me focus on the positives instead of worrying about the small issues.


My family has had the strongest influence me. They have influenced my attitude, outlook on life, interests, and just about everything else. Positive or negative my family has made me into the person I am today. In my extended family, I am the baby of the family so I have many people to look up to. Each and everyone has influenced me in different ways and I am grateful for that

Role Model

My Dad

My dad is my role model for many reasons. First of all, he is my coach. He is the biggest supporter of my hockey career, he pushes me to my limits because he knows I can do it. Secondly, my dad has shown me that anyone can be what they want to, but it takes a lot of effort and that nothing in life comes easy. I take this lesson with my everyday, because I believe that hard work will lead to success. My dad displays that good things will happen if you want them to, ask people for help, and take action instead of watching. Furthermore, my dad has taught me how to be a strong leader. This is a huge influence because I do not follow others and am not afraid to make my own decisions and follow through with them instead of following others down the wrong path. Finally, my dad is a very helpful and caring person. He volunteers his time to help others in need. My dad is a very fun-loving, caring, and outgoing person who puts 110 percent into everything he does and I aspire to carry on some of these traits as I grew up.

My Future

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I don't know exactly what I want to become, but I am interested in many subjects and being a teacher could give me the opportunity to explore these subjects. Being a teacher would give me the opportunity to educate others, work in a way I feel comfortable, be in a safe environment, and educate people a topic I am passionate about. Right now, I feel like I have some of the skills needed to be a great teacher. To get there, I would have to do 4 years of University to get a dual certification so I can teach past the elementary level, and teacher's college after that.

Family Symbols

These 6 symbols are a true representation of my family. First of all, the Television set displays our love for TV. We have certain shows that we have always watched together such as House, Criminal Minds, and Big Bang Theory. This leads into the next symbol of "Game of Thrones". This is significant because it is one of those shows that is constantly referenced, at home or at big family gatherings. It is something that gets everybody arguing or laughing. The next symbol, also gets everybody laughing. Elf is my family's movie at Christmas time. This movie represents me and my brothers childhood and we still watch it every Christmas. The next symbol is a tent. The tent represents camping. Camping has been a tradition in my family since before I was born. Every summer since I was born we have been camping, and it really displays how my family loves to be outdoors and explore nature. Another symbol is a Canadian hockey player. Hockey is a major symbol for my family. We eat, sleep, and breathe hockey. It is something that unites my family, either at the rink or Saturday nights watching Hockey Night in Canada. The last picture, is a picture of the Simpson's fighting. Though we are not a fan of the Simpson's this picture displays how my family fights and argues with each other. Like most families, we fight about almost everything, and this picture really sums it up. Overall my family is very comedic, competitive and loud and these symbols all display that.

Quiz Results

My Blueprint

Learning Styles: Kinesthetic

Personality: ISTG(Introverted, Sensing, Thinking, Judging)

Interests: The Strategist (EI)

Knowledge: Social Science

Motivations: Achievement

Multiple Intelligences

Kiersy: Intrapersonal, Logical Mathematical

Gov. : Intrapersonal, Logical Mathematical

Government Quizzes

Seeing Hearing Doing: Visual Learner(66%)
Abilities Quiz: General Abilities(75%)

True Colours


16 Personalities


John Holland

"The Helper"

Left Brain/Right Brain

I am 72% left brain, I am literal, accurate, and to the point.


While completing these quizzes, I was surprised at first, but under further examination I have realized these quizzes were all pretty accurate. Firstly, I believe the John Holland Career Clusters quiz was the most accurate and was the most helpful when deciding what I wanted to do. To begin, the results came back and my result was, “The Helper”. This was extremely shocking because I thought it meant nursing or becoming a doctor which is definitely not something I would do as I don’t like germs or blood. But, after reading the description I realized it matched with my interests such as social work, teaching, and having a positive impact on people’s lives. These quiz also told me that my thinking and persuading skills were high which I agree with. Moving on, the least helpful quiz was the Seeing, Hearing, and Doing quiz. This was the least helpful because I already knew that I learned best by seeing things. Also, the quiz results were pretty close, which didn’t surprise me either because I believe I can learn in many different ways. Also, this quiz didn’t tell me what future career paths to look into. Even though I was shocked with many quiz results, the quizzes opened my eyes to different careers and skills.

During these quizzes I discovered a few strengths and weaknesses. Firstly, one of my strengths is that I am self-motivated. I believe in this because I work very hard to achieve my goals with very little external motivation. Another strength I have is being able to ask the big questions and investigate them. In real life, this is helpful because I am able to analyze and investigate complex ideas, or ideas I don’t understand, like while learning new science concepts. Another strength I have is the ability to “catch on” quickly. I apply this in life when learning a new skill, especially while trying to learn a new sport. Finally, I am very independent which I see as strength because I have the ability to think, work, and achieve on my own. I use this every day whether it is completing homework on my own, or taking initiative to complete things that I want without waiting for others. Overall, I learned a lot of positive skills I have that I can apply to the real world

I have also discovered weaknesses. Some of my weaknesses come from my strengths. For example I am very impatient. This comes from being too independent and controlling. I am impatient while working in groups because I don’t like to wait for others. Next, a weakness I have is often working too hard for too long. This type of workaholism originates from either striving for too much or not relying on anybody else for help. Often, I am overworked because of my commitments and school work that I don’t make time for other things which is a problem. Another weakness I have is too much competitiveness. Though being competitive is good, too much of it can harm relationships. This happens when I push myself too hard to either compete with others or myself. Finally, a weakness I have is that I am often detached from my emotions. This happens when I am overly stressed out and it causes me to isolate the people around me. Overall, I have learned a lot about myself because I believe this quizzes were extremely accurate.

In conclusion, all of these quizzes told me things I should be proud of, things I should fix and possible career paths. I was shocked at many results but unsurprised by others.