Moving and cutting of rocks

There are two amazing things how the Egyptian build the pyramids.

I'm impressed how they made,cut and moved the rocks. The amazing thing they used to cut and transport rock that weighed so much.

The resource that they used to cut the rocks with chisels and water. They used copper chisels and a wooden wedge. Then put it in the rock and water to have the wedge expand so the rock splits.The chisels were different sizes depending on what kind they need it for as like rock sizes.

The Egyptian used two things to move rocks. They pushed the rock to the raft and the raft floated down the Nile River. When they were building the pyramids they used ramps and sledges to push and pull. Then they would have to have many people working on the splitting of the rock and the pushing to the raft.

These are the ways that Egyptian cut and moved rocks to make the big pyramids. How cool it must have been to watch these pyramids start with the base to be finished.

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