Capital; Ulaan Baatar

Population; 2,953,190

Land are; 604,247

GDP;17.03 billion

Exports;coal cell phones


  • Joined the un in 1961
  • 1966 entitled Mongolia to call on the USSR for military aid in the event of invasion. Thus allied with the USSR in a dispute with China
  • 2008 Unprecedented violence and rioting followed June 2008's parliamentary elections, prompting the government to declare a state of emergency. Five people were killed, hundreds were injured, and more than 700 people were detained. Preliminary results gave 45 seats to the governing MPRP and 28 seats to the opposition Democratic Party. International observers did not report any irregularities in the voting, but the Democratic Party accused the MPRP of fraud. Meanwhile, Mongolia continues to be plagued by poor economic growth, corruption, and inflation.