Interactive Moodle for MHS

Options Available for Use in the Classroom

"Partnering" with Moodle in the Classroom

As a schoolwide initiative, we would like to create interactive Moodle courses. Moodle has a variety of activities and resources that students can use to enhance their learning. Mentioned below are a few of the options offered in Moodle. If you are interested in them, and need help with them, please contact Ms. Swiger.

Feature Resource on Moodle

Moodle Book

A Moodle Book is a great way to organize websites on your course page. It creates a table of contents for your websites and/or PDFs. If this seems interesting to you, please ask for further assistance. To locate a Moodle Book please do the following:

  • Turn editing on
  • Pick a topic box you'd like to place your book in
  • Choose Add a Resource & select book
  • Configure the settings & add materials


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