News for the week of January 19, 2015

LMC Lab & Classroom Schedule

Click here to see this week's schedule or view the LMC Reservations Calendar in your shared drive. Visitors this week include:
    • Mr. Griffith with the KEC Business class
    • Mrs. Schweitzer with Health
    • GACME Club
    • Pins & Needles Club
    • Access Testing
    • Mrs. Hill with Speech
    • The Tiered Incentive Committee
    • Ms. Wheeler with Anatomy/Physiology I and II

    If you need computers for your classes, the LMC Lab is available on Tues. 1/20 and Wed. 1/21. Please send an email ASAP if your plans have changed.

    New title about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

    Tavis Smiley (author and broadcaster) published Death of a King in 2014. "Drawing on interviews with friends and major civil rights figures from Harry Belafonte to Andrew Young to Jesse Jackson as well as biographers Taylor Branch and Clayborne Carson, Smiley takes a fresh look at the 365 days leading up to King's assassination on April 4, 1968."--Booklist

    Available in the LMC and as a download.

    The 6th Annual Rotary Reading Challenge begins mid-February

    The RRC fundraiser has a new look this year! We're returning to the original February-March timeline, and we'll be counting pages read instead of the number of books. The pressure to finish a whole book was overwhelming for some students, so improving the number of pages one reads over four weeks should be much more manageable.

    Another big change is that readers may be on teams of just students, just staff, or a combination, and weekly prizes may be won for individual and team categories. Team captains will earn prizes, too!

    I'm happy to share that the Debby Van Dyke Memorial Fund will cover the cost of 30 staff shirts. If you know you'll be reading for sure, please send me your T-shirt size (standard BEE Design T-shirts) ASAP. The shirts will be here in early February, and program promotion will begin shortly after that.

    The $1,000 gift from Rochelle Rotary Club is equal to 1/3 of our book budget and will purchase fiction for the 2015-2016 school year. More details to follow next week!

    eRead Illinois Update

    Congratulations to Ms. Maxwell! Last Friday, she was the 100th person to join the RTHS eRead Illinois subscription. There are now 18,000 free titles available for download to your personal devices; view them on our Magic Wall.

    Special thanks to Mrs. White and Mr. Welle for making time in December for presentations to their freshmen. See me if you'd like to join!

    My winter break reading

    The book cover images above are from our Follett Destiny Quest Catalog or the eRead Illinois Magic Wall.