Fourth Grade Happenings

September 23, 2014

This Week in 4th Grade

Reading: Fiction - Looking deeper at characters

Writing: Personal Narratives - Refining our craft, adding details.

Word Work: What makes a complete sentence? Spelling begins this week look for students words in their planner.

Math: Data

Science: States of Matter- How does matter change state?

Social Studies: Early Native American Tribes

Early Release Day Next Wednesday

Students will have an early release day next Wednesday,October 1, 2014. We will have an abbreviated rotation schedule for that day with students rotating through reading, math, and writing.

Ms. Beissel's Authors


By Adam

I was in Ms. Roger's first grade class. It was specials times when this crazy scene happened. "Beep, beep, beep!" I listened as Mrs. Mayfield made the announcement. "Attention, everybody we are having a tornado drill!" I looked around and saw that everyone looked scared. "All boys and girls in the girls restroom, I repeat, I all boys and girls in the restroom." So we all went towards the girls restroom. I could see everyone squished tightly in the restroom as I walked up to the wall and got into position. I remember smelling a bad odor, it was very stinky.

When it was over, I felt relieved because I could stretch out my legs. It felt like we were in there for days. I learned that you always need to be ready for anything.

Ms. Capps' Authors

My First Time Diving by Allysia

I was at my grandparents pool having the time of my life swimming and pretending to be a fish because I love the water. I asked my aunt Kate if she could teach me how to dive because I want to be a pro. she said, "Sure, why not?" So she showed me how to start on the side because I wasn't ready for the diving board. When I started on the side , she rolled me off because I was all curled up and I could roll. When I was done doing it a couple of times, she knew and I knew I was ready for the diving board. I was on the board prepared and set. I was in my position and focused, but I was also nervous because I was high up. So my aunt asked, "Are you ready?"

I was thinking and wondering, "Would I dive or should I give up?" I knew that I should dive instead. When I came on the board in my position, I was ready to jump off and do something great. When I jumped off I was thinking about splashing into the water proud. I was imagining that it would be good luck for me to jump off the diving board and go straight into the water being happy as always, but frightened that I wouldn't make it into the water as strong. I was also nervous that I would hurt my face on the water when I got in. I landed straight into the water. When I came up from the water, I felt good to be in the water and I was surprised. It was a good feeling!

Mrs. Wilson's Authors

Cats by Gage

I was sitting on the couch with the five cats I love until my mom said, " Gage come here." She said we have to sell the cats but I didn't want to sell them but mom said so and plus we needed the money. In the afternoon I heard a knock and Mom answered. It was a tall man in a suit. He said " I saw the sign outside, 5 cats for sale."

He took two and both were my favorites. I remembered the time I woke up and the cats were sleeping with me. But it was over now I have nothing, the last couple took the rest. A few weeks later we go a dog and cat and I have no idea where they came from.