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Where Learning Happens │ August 19, 2019

Your Students and Your Courses

As part of your back-to-school routine, don’t forget to walk your students through the Schoology platform and your course. Students these days are pretty savvy at navigating the digital world for personal reasons, but necessary for academic reasons. Guide through your design and expectations in the course as you would for other classroom procedures. Here are some tips:

  • Get everyone logged in together. This helps ensure that students know how to log in and know where to go to access your course.

  • Walk students through your course structure. This will help ensure that they know where your content and assignments are.

  • Create a practice assignment. Ask students to complete this outside of your course time to see if they can navigate the workflow before assigning a higher stakes assignment.

  • Ask students for feedback regarding the course structure. What makes sense to you, may not be so easily understandable to students. The better they understand your intentions, the easier your work will be throughout the year.

Schoology has a Getting Started for Students Guide that may also be helpful. (Remember that students don't need to use Access Codes in ASD20, so ignore that section of the guide.)

Students and their Google Drive and OneDrive Accounts

As a staff member, you probably have connected your Google Drive and OneDrive with Schoology. Your students need to do that, too. Look below for helpful videos demonstrating how to do that.


  • Students need to be logged in to their ASD20 Google account and NOT a personal one (ID#@student.asd20.org).
  • Partner with your DLC or DTT when doing this to help manage questions and needs in your classroom or lab.
  • Google Assignments and Resources link more smoothly than OneDrive. If using OneDrive, be intentional with your file permissions.
  • When students have their Google Drive connected, you can use the Google Assignment App!

Connect Your Google Drive to Schoology
Connect Your OneDrive to Schoology

How do my students log in?

You’re logged in, but how do your students log in? It’s easy to assume kids can login to 20Learn and get going, but it’s good to communicate to them exactly where and how to log in. Simply googling Schoology won’t get them to the right place.

Here’s what to know:

  • Our Schoology URL is: https://asd20.schoology.com
  • Students should not use a previously used account.
  • Students need to use their ID#@msa.asd20.org email address and not their ID#@student.asd20.org address. Their password is their IC password.
  • If a student is logging in with the app, they need to choose Academy District 20 as their school and not their individual school name.
  • Please DO NOT give students Access Codes to join courses. They are automatically rostered in your course.

Do you have a student having difficulty logging in? You have DLCs and DTTs to help. You can also check the following:

  • Can they successfully log in to IC? If no, then there’s a problem with their password and they should see their DTT.
  • Did they use a saved email and password to log in? (One of them may be incorrect.)
  • Are they at the correct website? Googling Schoology will not get them to the correct ASD20 Schoology site.
  • Students need to use the complete email address, ID#@msa.asd20.org, in order to log in.
  • If they’re using the app, did they choose Academy District 20 as their school?

Have a great beginning to your school year!

Getting Started with Schoology

Over the week, we’ve brought IC and Schoology together. You should now see all of your courses for the entire school year. What’s next? Last week's newsletter had some great ideas for getting started. The images here link to very helpful resources to guide you through of the more integral features.

You’ll need to do your Grade Setup. There’s a link below to specific directions. This is important because any assignment you create in an active course needs to be attached to a Category. That Category (or those Categories) will need to be exactly the same as you would set up in IC. The Grading Periods are linked to IC, so you don’t need to create one. The Grading Scales provided are those most often used in IC, but you are still able to create one of your own.

In addition to the links here, the Resources section of this newsletter has some handy Reference Cards to download and print.


Check out these helpful resources below from Schoology or click the button to visit our 20Learn page on 20Net.

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