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Types of Blogger/Designer Collaboration

There are several types of collaborations, but here we will focus on some of the famous ones.

Blog Feature. This is considered as the easy and obvious means to collaborate. Talk to the blogger about the common styling of your item, unless you give an overall look. Another alternative is making a dreary lay. This one is principally perfect for accessories and jewelry.

Social Media Collaborations: This selection can accompany with the feature of blog post, although can also be presented solitary. Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook mentions count. Up till now Snapchat is an essential player too. Each of those options will have its individual payment, or a blogger will give you numerous arrangements that you can pick (i.e. 1 Snapchat feature plus 2 Instagram images for your Egypt Fashion Blog).

Collaboration on a collection or project: this option is very exciting and creative way to collaborate with Fashion Blogger. However, there are plenty of means for doing the same, and the more interesting and unique, the better. The collaboration might be a story or an appealing visual campaign, a brand you formed mutually, an experience you choose to share, or a tour you have chosen to take. Building innovative and new methods to collaborate is not simple but very gratifying. Viewers will value the genuine content.

Measurability: it is same as the blog post collaboration. If you choose to sell the item collectively, you can evaluate sales of the collaborated products to other items that are not marked by the blogger.