CRAAP Test Examples

Mohit Rao


  • “The article was published in December of 2015 and is in touch with current world events and issues.”

  • “The essay was originally published in 1999, but was revised in March of 2016, maintaining its currency with the occurrences around us.”

  • “This book was written about interracial violence regarding the police but highlights the Ferguson, Missouri riots that occurred in late 2014, showing an accurate representation of a recent case of this violence.”

R: Relevance

  • “This psychology project is about the history of observational psychology, and this article on Albert Bandura, the father of observational psychology, will help answer some of my research questions.”

  • “Our World History class is looking at the basics of the Battle of Antietam and this article summarizes the battle into a few paragraphs, giving me just what I need.”

  • “After checking the internet for five different sources, this CNN article is the best text that allows me to gain knowledge of my topic the best with good details and up-to-date information.


  • “The article is written by a tenured Yale professor on the issue with racial violence. As a professor with tenure at a very prestigious university the source is written from a reliable person.”

  • “Although the text was found on the internet, the URl has a “.edu” at the end, showing that it comes from a government educational institution. This source’s information is most likely credible.”

  • “The source I found is from the perspective of the President of the NRA (National Rifle Association) which is a good source to research for my project on the 2nd Amendment.”

A: Accuracy

  • “The source not only provides background information about the role of gender in politics today but also uses evidence with statistics to back it up, showing the accuracy of the information presented.”

  • “In the text, the author recognizes both points of view; one FOR open carry and one AGAINST open carry. By doing so, he shows no bias or emotion, allowing his work to be more credible.”

  • “The source contains no spelling errors but also shows that it was edited in the past year to make the information more accurate for today’s times.”

P: Purpose

  • “The purpose of the article is to inform the audience of the gender gap in the United States Congress today which is a problem that needs to be nullified.”

  • “The website shows the true statistics of race inequalities in the American criminal justice system without using any bias.”

  • “The author appears objective in his purpose of detailing the issues with interracial violence across the world.”

Full CRAAP Test Example

  • C: The article about poaching of elephants in Africa was written in the spring of 2015, and is current with time and the news today.

  • R: In environmental science, we are studying the extinction of elephants in Africa, which makes this article about said topic relevant to the research of this issue.

  • A: The author of the article is an environmental lawyer from Zimbabwe who sues hunters who illegally poach Africa’s elephants.

  • A: Although poaching is a negative issue, the author acknowledges the reason why people do it and the reasons against it. By using both perspectives of the issue, he allows his work to be more accurate and credible.

  • P: The purpose of the article is to inform the readers of the issue of poaching of elephants in Africa, in an unbiased way, and show that something should be done to save these great animals.

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