Riley's Freshman Year

By Riley Holz

What did you enjoy most about the school year?

I enjoyed meeting a couple of nice teachers who I got a nice bond with. I enjoyed having IJag again. I enjoyed meeting Ms.Nelson, my teacher first and second tri and for start.

What are 3 things you learned this school year?

I learned to always turn in your assignments on time in High school because it will actually effect you. I learned you have to pay attention in class, to be able to be successful with turning in every assignment. I learned that you need to ask for help when help is right there other wise you will get behind.

3 things you did: Either participated in an event, activity, or sport?

I went on a field trip to a park with my class.

What are your goals next year?

My goals next year are to turn in every single assignment on time that I can, because that will make a different in your grade. This year I turned in late assignments and it gave me a heads up that turning in assignments on time will make your grades good. Definitely, to ask for more help when I need it, so I don't end up being behind. And to participate more in class, asking for help and participating.

What are your summer plans?

My summer plans are are to swim in the pond and tan in the sun. Also I want to practice driving a lot more this summer, so I can be good when I drive on my own. And my birthday is this summer in July, and I might do something fun for that.