Polar Animals

Polar Habitats

The Arctic

In the Arctic lies the North Pole, the tundra, and the taiga. It is all frozen land where bears, deer, and other small animals live.

The Antarctic

In the Antarctic Circle lies the South Pole and the Antarctica. There are no animals on the land but some may live in the water surrounding it.

Life at the Poles

~ Layers of fat, blubber

~ usually have white fur

~ Usually eat fish or hunt other animals

~ adaptable to their surroundings

A Polar Place

The Polar Place is known as the "Land of the Midnight Sun." In the winter the sun never rises and in the summer the sun never sets. The ice is six to eight feet thick, and during the summer months you can see the rocky coastlines.

Polar bears stay warm by having four inches of blubber that holds in their body heat and also helps them to float. Their paws are extra wide to help them balance on slippery ice and snow.

Polar bears are designed for Arctic survival, and they live up to their nicknames - Lord of the Arctic.