Candles for sale!

$3.00-$7.00 per candle each.

It will light up your world!<3

Do you have troubles trying to find a flashlight with batteries that still work. If you have matches or a lighter. This will do good for you! for the hot summery days you can sit down with ocean breeze, mist, and coconut soft. Then for your autumn days you have Autumn Kiss, Autumn leaves,and quite fall moon. Once the snow starts hitting that were you put out your Christmas candles sugar cookies, gingerbread man, and la-la days. And everyday candle for all over the calendar. The best smelling candle of all times down below.
Big image

We sell individuals or pack of gorgeous smelling candles with beautiful candle jars.

We can mix the prices!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you need a big order than just contact us below as well. And have fun looking at the candles and some extra things look below and give a shout out to my link and video later posted. Thanks ahead of time!!!!!!!!!<3 And that's em by the way!:)

These candles and jars ect. will never keep you still!

Made in the house, But sell to the world.

I really like doing this artsy stuff like this its always so fun and exciting things to do in this weather. Please comment below and I know it does NOT have a like or dislike button but, just tell me what you think!
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