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Wauwatosa Catholic School Mission statement~

Wauwatosa Catholic School serves a diverse community of learners who live Christ centered lives, are developing as leaders, learning to serve, excelling academically while striving to create a better world.

New to a school auction?

The Auction for Education is our biggest fundraiser. Because the cost of educating a child is greater than what we charge for tuition, we rely on the generous donations and contributions that come from the auction. Some private schools hold their auction every other year. We hold ours annually.

This year our theme is "A Night at the Races." Attendees will dress in Kentucky Derby attire and enjoy drinks, appetizers, and dinner together. The event will take place at the Renaissance Hotel in Wauwatosa on Saturday, April 29th.

The auction is open to all families, faculty, parishioners and friends of WCS. You can get your group together and dine at a table set for 8. Although much work is involved to put the event together (Thanks Jeff Ramsey, our Auction Chair!), it is always fun and memorable. All enjoy conversation, company and fellowship while raising money for a cause that's near and dear to our hearts: educating our children.

Saturday, February 18th Basketball games

Boys’ 8th grade- 11:15am @ Tosa Catholic

Boys’ 7th grade- 10:15am @ Tosa Catholic

Boys’ 6th gr; white- 11:15am @ Christ King

Boys’ 6th gr; gold- 12:15am @ St. Joseph Waukesha

Girls' 6th gr; blue- 10:15am @ Christ King

Boys’ 5th gr; blue- 12:15pm @ Christ King

Boys’ 5th gr; gold- 9:15am @ Tosa Catholic

Girls' 5th grade- 8:15am @ Tosa Catholic

McTeacher Night to be rescheduled.

Due to the snowstorm last night, the McTeacher Night will be rescheduled. Date and time forthcoming. In the meantime, join us at Chipotle! Details below.
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Milw. Parental Choice Program

The first open window to apply will be closing on Monday. The next window to apply will open on March 1st. We encourage our current, eligible families to apply as soon as possible.

The Wisconsin Parental Choice Program has an open window until April 20th.

Auction (April 29th, 2023) news~

Get your LUCKY DRAW tickets before it's too late!

The grand prize for "The Lucky Draw" is free WCS tuition for one child for the 2023/24 school year- the gift that keeps on giving.

The Lucky Draw tickets can be purchased from Ms. Kathy in the school office. One ticket costs $50 and only 300 tickets will be sold. The drawing will take place on Feb. 22, 2023 @ 2:45 pm at WCS.

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Around Tosa Catholic this week...

4th graders sew hearts for parishioners to love thy neighbor

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In 3rd grade, students create their own island!

The 3rd graders learned about map skills in social studies. For their end of unit project, they came up with their own islands, creating a map with different landforms and bodies of water. They also included a title, compass rose, map key, and map scale, all elements they learned about throughout the unit. Lastly, the students typed up a paragraph about their island, including descriptions of where to find certain landmarks using cardinal and intermediate directions, as well as where they would recommend people go if they visited their island. The 3rd graders had such a fun time doing this project, and it shows by the amount of hard work and creativity they put into their islands!

Building tomorrow's engineers!

This past Weds., 2/15/2023, middle school students participated in a Water Treatment lab sponsored by Engineering Tomorrow.

Students learned about the water treatment process by applying fundamentals of wastewater treatment in order to design a small-scale filtration system. Students assessed how effectively their designs produce "cleaner" water.

Students were working on Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core Math Standards while interacting with an engineer and/or engineering students via Zoom.

It was a delight to see how much fun they had while learning! Kudos to Mrs. Weinshrott for making this lab available to our students.

"What's your next move?"

This is what I call having a healthy lunch- body and mind.
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St. Bernard Parish E-Newsletter

St. Pius Parish E-Newsletter

Mrs. Wolf's Art Newsletter

A Mardi Gras musical treat for you!


Well done WCS band students and Mr. Barker!

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Lent is near.

WCS is continuing to support the Capuchin Community Services. This event supports St. Ben’s Community outreach and the House of Peace with essential items: soap, dental care items, shampoo, baby care items and other needed supplies.

Our students will also participate in Project Rice Bowl. Project Rice Bowl supports work around the world that helps to fight hunger and poverty. The rice bowls should be turned in at the end of Lent. (Participation in these 2 projects is voluntary.)

Each student will also receive a daily reflection book – Lent with St. Clare. The prayers will be ready for you to share as a family in the morning, at dinnertime, or before bed.

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Next year's school calendar~

While the calendar is not yet ready to be published, here are a few important dates:

  • August 28th- First day of school
  • Oct. 5th and 6th- No school, Teacher Convention
  • Nov. 22nd - 24th- No school, Thanksgiving Holiday
  • December 25th - Jan. 2nd- No school, Christmas Vacation
  • March 28th - Half day, March 29th - April 5th- No school, Easter Vacation
  • June 5th- Half day and last day of school

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