Money Hungry Scrapbook

by Mrs. Peyton

Rotten Chocolate

*This represents the rotten chocolate Raspberry sold in the beginning of the book.

*It shows how Raspberry would do anything to make money.

*One of the girls who bought the chocolate threw up all over the floor.

Jar of Change

*This represents the handfuls of change that Momma throws out the window.

*Momma gets extremely upset about losing the Pecan Landings house.

*Momma flies off the handle because Janae’s grandpa said that Raspberry stole $200 from him.

Piggy Bank

*The piggy bank represents Raz and her money hungry ways.

*She sold candy and pencils to make money.

*Her money hungry ways ended up getting the best of her.

Korean and Southern Food Truck

This represents Mai and her hardworking family.

Mai quits working with her family because she’s fed up with her parents not standing up for themselves.

Mai is embarrassed of being Korean, she's tired of all of the jokes about her race.