Library Annual Report


We have had another busy year in the library. After our request for student librarians we were inundated with students wanting to help out in the library. We have a good range of senior and junior students all of whom get along well and many lively discussions ensue on a range of topics.

Once again the library was mobile at the beginning of the year issuing textbooks from one of our laptops in the classrooms. More of the staff took up the offer this year and we had very positive feedback. Students were issued with over 3,000 textbooks in the first 3 weeks of term 1 so any way of making this less disruptive to classes is essential.

We have launched our e-book service and have produced a short 'how to' guide for the students. Library staff helped the PAC set up the Kobo readers which they have purchased and ran some practical sessions to get them started. Our e-book collection has grown to over 60 books and new titles are added regularly. As some of our old popular fiction is taken off the shelves we are hoping to replace them with a e-book copy thus freeing up much needed space on our shelves. One of the many advantages of e-books is that they don't become old and tatty!

Our book displays around the school have continued to be well received with more books being issued from the staff room than in previous years. The library have branched out to parents meetings and have been putting out displays of different genres to showcase the library.

Once again we have been the venue for music concerts throughout the year with group and solo performances, we even managed to get the whole of SCAT squeezed in to sing plus a large audience of students. We have had displays of artwork from year 12 which many students have commented on.

During the Great Barrier Experience we downloaded pictures from facebook to display in the library. The students still at school enjoyed seeing what their friends were up to. We have once again hosted the AHT banner and often hear students exclaiming that they can see their hand print.

Last year we experimented with beanbags for soft social seating around the library, these we have found are not the answer to our seating issues. We will therefore be seeking some funding in the next budget for some extra ottoman style seating for the library.

We have seen some staff changes during the year, Jane Thorrold left to take up a position as Librarian at Sacred Heart Girls' College and has been replaced by Liza Hallam. Ambrosia Hetaraka our part-time resource assistant also left to make a move to Wellington.

We have gained a work experience student from the ILC who comes to work in the library for two 1 hour shifts a week. Mai-Chi's workload includes fiction shelving, photocopying, laminating and displays. Having a work experience student has worked well and we are hoping Mai-Chi will be back next year.

We are wrapping up a busy year with a spine poetry competition for the junior school in collaboration with the English department and planning some short lunchtime sessions on tools for research for the senior students for next year.

The library continues to be a lively and vibrant place in the school.