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A Friendly Reminder from Your Specials Teachers

Your specials team wants to remind you that the three assessments for each specials class, including Art, Music, and PE/Wellness, are available in Schoology and they are all due by the end of the day this Friday, October 9th. These assessments will determine the students’ report card grades for this nine weeks.

All students receive a grade in “Participation”, which will be based on how many assessments they complete. Please be sure the students have submitted their work successfully. There are several steps to completing a submission in Schoology.

All students will also receive a grade in “Skills/Concepts”. This grade will be based on the effort and quality of work for the assessments. For third through fifth graders the two grades are averaged together for the report card grade.

If students do not complete any assessments, kindergarten through second grade students will receive an “X” on their report grade since there is no work submitted for the specials teachers to grade. Third through fifth grade students will receive “NG” for “No Grade” on their report card since nothing was submitted for teachers to grade.

Please let us know if you have any questions or if you are having technical difficulties accessing the Art, Music, and PE courses. Thank you.

Your Specials Team,

Art - Amie Gonser

Music - Lorinda Choate

Physical Education/Wellness - Rhina Aldrich & Kirby Hilder

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Attention all Parents and Caregivers!

Deep Wood Elementary (DWE) is fortunate to be working with a community outreach program

called HopeAustin that provides weekend food kits to students. This service is available to all

students at DWE. Distribution of food for the weekend takes place at Deep Wood Elementary

on Fridays for students who have returned for face-to-face instruction and the food will go home with them after school in their backpack.

Parents/guardians of students learning virtually from home may pick up a weekend food kit the RRISD food distribution site on Friday morning from 7:00 am-8:30 am listed here:

Round Rock High School, 201 Deep Wood Dr., Round Rock: At the Dragon Band Practice Pad

If you would like your child to participate in the HopeAustin weekend food program just let us

know by clicking this link and submitting the form. If you are not interested, you need to take no further action.

****Please complete a new form for each one of your children who will participate.


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Important Dates:

October 12-13 – Student Holiday, Teacher Work Day
October 16 – End of Nine Week Grading Period

October 19 - Second Nine Week Grading Period begins

October 30 - Virtual Dino Pride @ 8:30am
November 23-27 – Student & Staff Holiday

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