Imperfect ... Bylaw Procedure

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*** SOME Directors and MEMBERS

... of River Bend voted for the abominable 'package vote' in July 2018 without having actually read the 2018 Bylaws

*** There's no question

.. but that the 2018 Bylaws got less than 8 percent of the membership. The not-so-dirty little secret of RBMC is that members often vote on Bylaws without having sat down and literally read and understand what they are voting on. This doesn't mean they're not good members doing their job; it just means that they're incredibly busy and Bylaws can often be unintelligible.

*** RBMC Bylaws

... are written in legislative language. Members could 'read' the Bylaw and have no idea what it actually means. It's in comparison to reading a computer program written in a code that uses English words but doesn't make sense unless you know what links refer to and other depending on the preceding or following parts of a text to clarify the meaning.

*** So the 2018 'Package Vote'

... for example, is 11 bylaws, 10 amendments 1 new by law has bits like this:
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Yeah, I haven't the foggiest notion what "... has evidenced, by documented proof, unfitness by his/her conduct or practice with this or another institution that resulted in a financial loss or damage thereto:" means.

You know who does? The Bylaw Committee and, in some cases, (not all) the Board.

Previously that 'playing field' was leveled for members by discussion ... before a vote.

Historically with discussion and the relevant explanations of what a Bylaw does, members are much better informed to vote on it than if the member read the legislative language itself.

Going out on a limb ... discussion has always been prior to a Bylaw vote or at least back to 1986.

Who changed the procedure (eliminating discussion before a vote) and why?