Bennett’s Big Buck Contest

9th Annual (3BC)

Contest Information

$20.00 Entry Fee (due on or before Sept. 30, 2015)

Cash prizes will be announced after October 1, 2015 based on total money collected.

At least 1st and 2nd places will be paid out in both archery and firearm.

The end of the season banquet will be exactly like last year! It will be in my barn on Saturday, January 9, 2016. There were plenty of drinks from the scoring and weighing fee so all people will need to bring is a dish to pass. The food was amazing again last year!! I look forward to another great turn out with great food and stories!

Bucks must be taken legally in the State of Michigan and must be fair chase only.

Bucks must be photographed with the weapon used and the hunter. All pictures must be emailed to:

(We encourage all buck photos be sent in regardless of where they rank when they are shot. We all love seeing nice racks!)

Frequent emails will be sent to all contestants. Emails will contain a list of all bucks taken with “unofficial” or “official” scores if available, the hunters name who harvested the buck and photos which were turned in.

Bucks must have racks scored by me (Roger Bennett) to be considered “official”. We will use the total gross score to determine the Biggest Bucks. The back of the flyer is an example of how the bucks will be scored. Feel free to score your own buck and send the “unofficial” score in along with the photo for the weekly updates.

Continuing this year, there is a FEE for getting bucks scored and doe weighed. The fee is a six pack of beer or a bottle of booze which will all be used at the end of the year banquet. This year water is not needed due to the donation of Jim Micielli and Romeo Culligan.

If you have any questions, or if you want to arrange having your buck “officially” scored contact Roger Bennett at 586-531-3285 or

All bucks in contention for prize money in any category must be scored by Saturday, January 9, 2016.

YOUTH 3BC Contest

Again this year we will be running a FREE youth contest! Sign up any hunter 17 and under.

The youth hunter must have their registration sent in with an adult member of the paid 3BC contest.

The goal is to get prizes donated so ALL youth get a prize of some sort with bigger prizes being reserved for the winners of the youth categories. Please contact me if you have any connections for donations for the youth contest.

Youth can be members of the 3BC paid contest if their parent chooses. If you choose to have your child in the paid contest they will be eligible for cash prizes and will not be included in the FREE youth hunt contest. Youth are ineligible for the paid contest if they are not registered prior to a early youth hunt season harvest.

UPDATE (September 12 @ 8:15):

We have received several sponsorships this season.

1. Jim Micielli owner of Romeo Culligan has donated water for the banquet and $100 for prizes. Thanks Jim!

2. Jeremy Yarbrough a local State Farm Agent has donated a youth shotgun (yet to be purchased). I have decided to come up with a raffle system for all the youth participate in the contest and attend the banquet. So every youth who is in the contest and attends the banquet will have a chance to win a shotgun thanks to Jeremy!

Entry Information

Mail Entry Fee to Roger Bennett @ 11277 34 Mile Road Romeo, MI 48065

$20 3BC Entry


$10 Heavy Doe Side Pot

$10 Out of State Side Pot

Youth Contest


Please include the following information with your paid registration



Phone #


With youth registrations please include




Email (if different than paid registration)

3BC Banquet

Saturday, Jan. 9th 2016 at 5pm

11277 34 Mile Rd

Romeo, MI