Rip Tide

By: Kat Falls

Rip Tide was written by Kat Falls in August 1 2011.

This book covers the big city to the bottom of the ocean. Ty is the main character he is a crime fighting hero. Along the way Ty meets a girl named Gemma and they unite and work together. This book is about mystery and fantasy so if your all about that stuff then this is your book.
Ty And Gemma go to explore a little on there expedition they find a sunken township. to find out more they go to Rip Tide( Rip Tide is a boxing match were the water is rising every minute to win you have to knock the other person of the floating mat.) Ty and Gemma make a deal with a guy. The deal is if Shade wins the guy will tell him about the township but if Shade loses the guy gets to strangle him. When the match started shade was losing but then the Sheriff of the town said"Freeze"they took Shade to jail but then who would fight and Ty would not know about the township. So Ty steps up and said"I will fight for him." Ty knows he wont win so he said"Turn of the lights." When he's was on the mat the competitor swung the first punch and was way off. The reason Ty wanted to turn the lights off was because he had a dark gift. Dark gifts are a special power and Ty's was seeing in the dark. Ty out smarted the other guy because he shook the mat then used his dark gift to find the guy then shoved him in the water and it worked. After the match was over Ty went over to the guy who did the bet and Ty said"Since i won tell me about the township." The gambler said "This was not a official match because you were not the original fighter so i wont tell you." So now Ty has to find out where his family is. Ty get told by the villains who took his parents meet me in the old football stadium. When they get there they realize they are in a trap. The only way out is to kill a crocodile. He looks around to see if he can escape but there are guards everywhere. A announcement went over a speakers "To win you must kill a crocodile. To find out if Ty and Gemma find Ty's parents read this book.