Building A Story

Exploring the relationship between student creation & digital texts


When students use their own creations to produce digital texts student engagement and student voice is enhanced.


Using our mind map ...starting with our student's first. Student Work Study focuses on the work students are doing in the classroom. We are learning about learning and this is leading to students thinking about their thinking.


  • 2 days per week in 2 schools
  • FDK, host teacher, former SWST
  • Grade 1, host teacher, first time with SWST
  • Grade 6, host teacher, second time with SWST

Evidence and Analysis of Student Learning #1 - FDK

Evidence and Analysis of Student Learning #2 - Grade 1

In this transcript of conversation, the student articulates his enthusiasm while creating his digital text using the Book Creator app. He explains why he prefers creating digital stories and reflects on his increasing independence as an author. It was observed that he was focused and greatly enjoying reading his own e-reader to himself.

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Screencast by mrsdsilva from

Evidence and Analysis of Student Learning #3 - Grade 1

Students used storyboards to plan and build a narrative and then built it using Lego. They used Pixie 3 to create a digital text that included speech bubbles for characters.

A Pixie 3 Story

Evidence and Analysis of Student Learning #4 - Grade 6

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Students Engaged in Dialogue- Listening, Questioning & Learning

Students used Haiku Deck to create a visual presentation. Students focused on "how to use language effectively as a tool for communication". The discussion was interactive with students debating and questioning each other. Students were able to incorporate other student information into their own presentations.

Key Learnings

  • Time for student led creating, designing and constructing is important in classrooms.
  • Students investment of their identity is important to their engagement in their learning.
  • Technology is a tool that can be used to amplify student thinking and voice.
  • Sharing of digital texts enables student voice to grow in the classroom in the forms of interactive dialogue which enriches student learning.

Inquiry Leads to More Questions...

From: Will Richardson Learning on the Blog

Questions for our students and ourselves:

What did you make today that was meaningful?
Who are you working with?
What did you share with the world?

Student Work Study 'Monograph' 2012-2013

A more detailed paper of the collaborative inquiry can be made available by contacting Janet D'Silva.