Foundation 1 News

Friday 8th November


This Week

  • Learning all about Autumn.
  • Putting Holly our Hedgehog into hibernation.
  • Developing our creative and fine motor skills making our own clay hedgehogs.
  • Enjoying our first F1 trip to the woods to learn all about Autumn. What a fantastic time we had. The children are still talking about the things they saw and discovered namely the frog, buzzard ( big bird in the tree ) and finding lots of different coloured leaves, nuts, berries and acorns. Thank you to all the mums who came along too. Your interaction with the children and enthusiasm for discovering, enhanced the learning experience for the children. Your help was invaluable and made the trip possible so many thanks. Angela ( Elizabeth's mum ) has suggested we do the trip in each season to see how the environment changes which we thought would be a fantastic idea. Thanks Angela!
  • Number Fairy bringing the number 3.
  • Visiting the music room for music.
  • Showing our work to mums and dads on open morning.
  • Going to assembly with Foundation 2 on a Friday.

    Next Week

    • Over the next 3 weeks we shall be learning all about people who help us. We will start by looking at people in school and the jobs they do.
    • Visiting different people around the school and asking them questions.
    • Using the digital cameras to take photos of how people help us.
    • Number fairy and the number 4.

    You can help us by.......

    • Parent consultations on Monday and Tuesday evening. We look forward to welcoming you all then.