Pack 94

Father - Son Cake bake-off - DEC. 19th 1pm-3pm

DEC. 19th 1pm-3pm - Father/Son Cake Bake Off

at St Stevens - 50 Bedford Rd, Armonk, NY 10504 The white church right in town.

To all my would be Top Chefs, Here are some more details that I hope will answer most of your questions:

  • Bake you cakes at home. We will NOT be cooking in the church ovens.
  • Bring in your completed and decorated cake at 1pm.
  • Set your cake up and be prepared for voting at 1:30.
    See Amy Lashment for registration and voting procedures.
  • You will receive 1 ticket for turning in a cake, and can purchase additional tickets.
    Monies raised will be given to Maria Ferrari Hospital.
  • Best cakes are voted on - we've seen Indy 500, Pokemon, guitars - etc.
    It's more about construction than a delicious recipe.
  • All cakes are raffled off highest bidder-
    you will go home with a cake but maybe not your own!

  • Please come in uniform.
  • I will have the prizes for popcorn sellers.
  • We will provide some snacks.
  • I hope to be done early.
  • Please help clean up as you leave, we need to respect the church and the free space they let us use.


District events:

  • If anyone is interested in hosting these activites drop me an email.

  • Council Webelos Klondike (Feb 6, 2016) (snow date 20th) Parents and boys meet to build a sled and move it around to various scout stations.

  • Family Camping Weekend (Jun 3-5, 2016) One time a year Cubs and families can camp at Read.
    Feb 20th earn your ski or boarding badge
    with a reduced rate ($60 without rental, $85 with rental)
    at Thunder Ridge Ski & Snowboarding
    Click here to see their website.
    for more scout reduced rates.

    April - TBD Pinewood Derby
    * This year we are mandating a 9-10am car check-in to help with registration. Will return at 2pm-ish for race.

    May TBD cross-over for WeBeLos 2

    June TBD : end year fishing derby / picnic / honor court


    Your den leader will be in touch about when they are scheduling meetings.

    1st grade Tiger Den - Rich Radonis and John McNulty

    3rd Grade Den - Paul Lashment

    4th Grade Den - Nils Lunde

    5th Grade Den - Cheryl Miceli

    Cub Pack Master - Ellen Dedman