Cleft Palate

-Rachel Lockhart-


A craniofacial birth defect that affects the upper lip & roof of the mouth.


-Cleft palate occurs when the tissue that forms the palate & upper lip fail to join while a fetus is developing.

-Studies have linked the use of anti depressants during pregnancy with a higher risk of cleft palate.


-Treatment for the cleft lip & cleft palate is usually suggested at an early age because, it can interfere with development.

-The procedure to repair a cleft palate is called palatoplasy & is usually performed when the baby is between 9-18 months old.

-Follow up care is common after cleft surgeries.


-There is no 100% prevention for cleft palate

-Dont use tobacco or alcohol during pregnancy this can increase the risk of having a baby with a cleft defect.

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