Election Time - Lincoln Wins!


Voting Day

Tuesday, Nov. 6th 1860 at 8am

Boston, MA, United States

Boston, MA

Who's on the Ballot?

Abraham Lincoln- Republican Party Candidate

John Breckinridge- Southern Democratic Party Candidate

Stephen Douglas- Northern Democratic Party Candidate

John Bell- Constitutional Union Party Candidate

John Bell

Former Whig Party member, he was elected to the ballot by his Constitutional Party members. Believes that the issue of slavery should be ignored in choosing a president. Wants to rally support for the Union with disregard to sectional issues.

Lincoln Wins by a hair

Lincoln wins the ballot by 40% of the popular vote. While this is not a majority of the American People, he still beat out the other three candidates. His election leads South Carolina to secede from the Union, prompting the Civil War.
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