Social Benefits

for the Hotel and Community

Social Benefits:

The property is more attractive to guests and groups calling for environmental accountability.

  • Sense of pride in the community
  • Increased morale and health of employees
  • Enhances the property's image
  • Competitive edge
  • Property is an environmental leader

Green Alternatives:

  • Green transportation methods

Hotels can motivate their guests to use green transportation options through providing bikes or on-site transportation with green vehicles. By doing this, there will be less pollution going into the environment. Also by doing this, the hotel may receive more business since they are providing guests with an easy, cheap, eco-friendly way to get places.

  • Green dining

If a hotel has a restaurant or breakfast, it can transition it into a Certified Green Restaurant, which buys organic, locally-grown food, or has their own organic garden to provide guests with fresh food. Through the transition to green dining, less pollution will be emitted since the food will not have to travel as far since it is grown locally or at the hotel itself. Green dining can also help the hotel to become popular since they will be saving money on getting the food, and because more guests may chose to stay at the hotel since it is an unique, eco-friendly, healthy option to eat.

  • Providing organic, cruelty-free, biodegradable guest amenities

A hotel can provide hair and body care products, bedding, food, and many other things that are organic, cruelty-free, and biodegradable. Providing these products will help the environment since after the products are used they won't be in a landfill for a long time. These products can also give the hotel a more positive image attracting more guests since they are good for the environment and animals.

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