Tree Octopus!

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Where They Live...HELP

The tree octopus can be found in the temperate rainforest on the west coast of North America.We can help by donating and joining a group or organization that saves the tree octopus.The tree octopus is endangered because..they think it's fake and does not exist or something like saschascauch is eating them.


On Media On The Website Has Tons Of Vocab Words And Stories Of The Tree Octopus!People Say That The Tree Octopus Like To Have Money For Their Homes In The Trees.All The Octopus Look Kinda The Same.

More Pictures!

Having Pets


Beside The Other Site This Site Has Some Concerns About The Tree Octopus ,They Think It's Just Not Real.Some Publishers Actually Wanted To Keep Some As A Pet As You Would Do To A Dog Or Cat If You Found Them.


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