Discovery of the Leonopteryx Rex

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The Leonopteryx Rex is mainly scarlet and yellow, with black stripes and blue crests on the top of its head and under its lower jaw. The crest on his head is sharp and can be used for many different purposes such as, killing prey. It has flexible wings and has a wingspan of more than 25 meters. It has powerful talons for grasping and perching and two tails for flight performance. The Leonopteryx has strong enough jaws to cleave a mountain banshee in half. They have great vision, but they can't see above them due to huge ridges above their eye. Their nostrils are on their neck.


A Leonopteryx Rex has two legs that are vital. They are used to grab prey and are used for a stronger kick when taking off.


The Leonopteryx feeds mainly on mountain and forest banshees. They occasionally feed on medusae. When they are under the rainforest canopy they sometimes feed on ground animals such as hexapedes.

Who Discovered It

The Na'vi discovered them.

How And Where Was It Discovered

It was discovered when a Na'vi was riding on her mountain banshee and it tried to eat her and her mountain banshee. It was discovered at the Hallelujah Mountains.