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June 15th, 1934 - Local Dog With Rabies Gets Shot

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Local Man Named Atticus Finch Shoots Local Dog After Town Finds Out Dog is Infected With Rabies


Two children named Jean Louise Finch (Scout) and Jermy Finch discovered that a dog was looking funny, wasn't walking properly, just didn't seem normal. Then the two children called their guardian named Calpurnia, who said "she knew a sick dog when she saw one" and she eventually called the two children's father named Atticus Finch, when alerting the whole neighbourhood had failed miserably. Atticus Finch then shot the dog dead in the middle of the road. "The dog had rabies, I had to do it" said Atticus Finch. The Dog goes by the name Tim Johnson, and Tim was cleaned up off the road, so the streets are safe. Nobody has any idea how the dog got infected. The two children both say that they hope to not experience anything like this soon, or ever. Atticus Finch was formerly dubbed the nickname "One Shot Finch" back when he was younger because everybody knew him as the best rifle marksman in Maycomb County.

Hitler to Organize 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin


A man named Adolf Hitler is to organize the 1936 Summer Olympics in two years in Berin, Germany. Hitler has planned to make this a very flashy event for Germany to showcase, making everything very decorative and extravagant. Some German citizens report that this man is crazy and has threatened to kill over millions of Jews later in the near future. Only time will tell if this is true, but it is highly unlikey.

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Local Construction Worker Experiences Excruciating Pain in Left Leg


A local construction worker had a 500 pound wrecking ball hit his head and experienced a great amount of pain in his left leg. The construction worker has said that "It came in like a wrecking ball". The wrecking ball was disconnected from the crane and hit the construction worker in the head. Fortunately, the worker was wearing a helmet. He was eventually rushed to the hospital where they fixed his left leg.

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The new much anticipated game has arrived! Play with your friends, family or your co workers! Now on sale at local stores for just 1.99$.
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1. What stays where it is when it goes off?

2. What has 4 fingers and a thumb, but is not living?

3. What starts with an e but only has a single letter in it?


1. An Alarm Clock

2. A glove

3. An envelope