New Good Grip

Scientist discover a good virus

A very important virus for the humans

A group of scientists from Catalonia has announced a very important discovery. It consists of a good virus that kills the bad virus for the humans.

The Catalan governing wants everybody to be vaccinated in a short period. Other states want to buy the vaccine.

The doctors recommend you to go to the hospital to implant the new good virus.

The Generalitat of Catalonia has put more doctors and nurses because a lot of people will go to the hospital. The vaccinate only costs 3,00€ for usual people. It's going to be free for tramps and the unemployed people.

How to have the good virus:

Be quaied when the doctor injects you the new virus

The doctors will receive a specific course to inject this virus. If you are nervous, the good virus can become to a DANGEROUS VIRUS. Doctors recommend to take a SMK painkiller if you are a nervous person.

A new Good Virus

Martí Serratosa


Natural Science Homework