Dunbar Pyramid Digest

March 2022

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Dunbar Pyramid Spotlight

On February 17, 2022, over 400 students from Dunbar High School, Eastern Hills High School, O.D. Wyatt High School, Young Men's Leadership Academy, and Young Women's Leadership Academy received a huge surprise with being accepted to Paul Quinn College. It was also shared with the students that one family member is also accepted to the college as well.

To the recipients, we want to say that your school family, parents, and community supporters are so proud of you! Always remember that "The Sky is the Limit!"

The Dunbar Pyramid and community would like to thank Mr. Rian Townsend, Dunbar Pyramid Executive Director, Mr. Justin Edwards, Dunbar High School's Principal, Dr. Michael Sorrell, Paul Quinn's President, and other FWISD Administration for making this great opportunity happen for our students!

If you missed the news coverage, see below for the Fox 4 News coverage of this special event.

Congratulations Wildcats!

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Congratulations to our 2022 Pyramid Teachers of the Year!

Mrs. Michelle Thompson- A.M. Pate Elementary School

Congratulations to Mrs. Michelle Thompson, a 4th Grade teacher at A.M. Pate Elementary School!

Mrs. Thompson is an asset to our campus. She is a true teacher leader and advocates for her students. She builds relationships with her students and their families. Mrs. Thompson problem solves to meet the needs of her students and passes along her knowledge to other teachers. Mrs. Thompson is always willing to help other teachers in all grade levels and is encouraging to new teachers.

Mr. Cesar Guerrero- Christene C. Moss Elementary School

Congratulations to Mr. Cesar Guerrero, a 4th Grade Math DLE Teacher at Christene C. Moss Elementary School!

Mr. Guerrero has been at Christene C. Moss Elementary for 4 years and has truly made an impact with all students. Everyday, Mr. Guerrero goes above and beyond to ensure that his students not only have what they need academically but socially as well. Daily he exudes his passion for Math as he provides hands- on learning and high quality Tier I instruction to his students. In his small group instruction, he ensures that all students are able to learn and discuss their thought process which has created a welcoming learning environment for all students.

A heart of gold is what Mr. Guerrero has as he is always willing to help those in need. He provides updates of new technology ideas or best practices that will help his colleagues with their instruction.

Ms. Jacqueline Santos- M.M. Walton Elementary School

Congratulations to Jacqueline Santos is a 2/3 Dual Language Bridge Self-Contained Teacher at M.M. Walton Elementary School.

Well before the announcements most mornings, Ms. Santos's room is bustling with activity. Hugs from former students, check-ins for students who need a pep talk before heading to class, and her current students preparing for the day... she is loved! She is also a very hard worker seen most days after school preparing her room, helping another teacher with a question, or just catching up with our custodial team.

During the school day, you will hear students laughing, calling out answers, and even her fussing that they can give more effort. She expects the best from her students, and she treats them like her own. When she nominated by her peers for Teacher of the Year, she sent a message asking to be removed from the ballot. Her words, "Mrs. Allen, we're all the Teacher of the Year. We each work hard and do all we can for Walton!"

Her heart is just that big, and by an overwhelming majority of votes her peers voted her as Walton's 2021/22 Teacher of the Year!

Mr. CeDric Bynum- Sunrise McMillian Elementary

He has 3 years of experience with FWISD & 27 years of experience in education with 5 of those years as an Intern Asst. Principal in Jackson, Mississippi. He is…

· An Excellent role model and team player

· Committed to our community and school.

· Goes over and beyond when working with the students.

· Works the After-school program, Saturday school, and Summer School programs.

· Has shown extreme leadership skills especially in new and difficult situations.

· Always willing to offer and ask for help

· A True team player and wonderful team leader.

· An Amazing teacher who is committed to our community and school.

His Favorite Quote is: “If a child fails, the teacher needs to change the way they teach”

Ms. Rian Hill- Jacquet Middle School

Congratulations to Ms. Rian Hill, a 6th Grade Math/Enhanced Math Teacher at Jacquet Middle School.

Ms. Hill is a phenomenal teacher. Her dedication to her scholars is a true testament to her belief that all scholars can achieve great results. She utilizes various forms of creative instruction to keep the scholars engaged, inquisitive, and wanting to learn more. She also assists with other various committees as serving as lead Team member of our Hospitality Team and Student Programs.

Mr. Salestirest Brewer- Dunbar High School

Congratulations to Mr. Salestirest Brewer, a CTE Business & Entrepreneurship in which he teaches 9-12 grade students.

Mr. Brewer is an exceptional teacher who has a passion for educating students. His passion for students extends outside of the classroom and he motivates and inspires students as an athletic coach!

Dunbar Pyramid Calendar of Events

Dunbar High School
  • April 5-7 English 1 & 2 EOC
  • April 19- ACT & PSAT
  • April 19- Wildcat Parent Connection Night
  • April 29- Senior Prom

Sunrise Elementary School

  • April 14- Career Day

A.M. Pate School

  • March 30-31st Vision Clinic with Helen Keller International
  • April 4-- April 8th Innovations STEM Learning Lab
  • April 8- Cowtown Popup Race
  • April 15- PreK and Kinder Dual Language 2 Way Parent Meeting
  • April 22- Awards Assembly/Citizenship Day

Christene C. Moss Elementary School

  • March 30- 5th Grade goes to Camp Carter
  • April 7- Spring Picture Day
  • April 7- Family Paint Night @ 5:30 p.m.
  • April 9- Paint the School with TCU Athletes and Friends
  • April 12- Math Bee
  • April 14- Student of the Month Celebration
  • April 20- Prek Students Field Trip to the Zoo

M.M. Walton Elementary School

  • April 7: SBDM Meeting
  • April 26- Prek Field Trip to Amon Carter
  • Open Every Friday- Maudrie Market

FWISD Important Dates for all Campuses

  • April 1- Prek and Kindergarten Registration Begins for the 2022-2023 School Year
  • April 4-8- Assistant Principal Appreciation Week
  • April 8- End of the 5th Six Weeks
  • April 13- School Librarian Appreciation Day
  • April 15- Good Friday- No School
  • April 20- School Volunteers Appreciation Day
  • April 27- Administrative Assistant Appreciation Day

Dunbar Alumni Torchlight Banquet: A Night of Wildcat Excellence

Saturday, April 23rd, 6pm

2501 Pollard Street

Fort Worth, TX

Join us for a night in which will honor and celebrate:

  • Scholarship recipients
  • Hall of Fame Inductees
  • Recognizing Dunbar High Pyramid

Seniors, please check with your counselor to apply for DHS Alumni Scholarship

Dunbar Pyramid CommUNITY Block Party

Saturday, April 30th, 10am-1pm

5700 Ramey Avenue

Fort Worth, TX

Join us for a day of fun as we showcase the talents of our Dunbar Pyramid Students!

We will also have resources for our families and Prek and Kindergarten Registration opportunities.

How Can You Get Involved?

Dunbar Pyramid Schools are always looking for volunteers to help support our campuses. If or someone you know would like to volunteer, please visit https://www.fwisd.org/volunteer.

Get Ready, Get Ready, Get Ready! Prek and Kindergarten Registration begins April 1!

FWISD PreK/Kinder 2022 Commercial 30

News You Can Use: Family Resources

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Tarrant Food Bank Information

Tarrant Area Food Bank distributes food to pantries and other nonprofits across North Texas who are ready to serve those in need. If you or your loved ones need food, use the TAFB search to find a local food pantry.

Volunteers are also needed! If you are interested in volunteering, visit https://tafb.galaxydigital.com/need/detail/?need_id=533891 to sign up.

Dunbar Pyramid Principals

"Don't Believe Us, Just Watch!"

Dunbar Pyramid Executive Director- Rian Townsend

Dunbar High School- Principal Justin Edwards

Jacquet Middle School- Principal Lakisha Sasser

A.M. Pate Elementary School- Interim Principal Patricia Scott

Christene C. Moss Elementary School- Principal Charla Staten

M. M. Walton School- Principal Redisha Allen

Sunrise McMillian Elementary School- Principal La'tres Cole