Why a prison is like a cell

By Ryan Sattele

Why the nucleus is like the Warden:

The nucleus is like the warden because they both control the what is in the cell and how the inmates and the employees.

Why the cell membrane is like the walls of a prison:

The walls of a prison contain everything that is inside it. The cell membrane contains everything in the cell.

Why the lysosomes are like the janitors:

The lysosomes are cells that break down the "waste" of the cell. The janitors of a prison clean up the trash of the prison.

Why the cytoskeleton is like the pillars inside the prison:

The cytoskeleton is what keeps the cells shape and structure. The pillars inside a prison are made for support and to help the prison keep from collapsing.

Why the mitochondria are like the power generators:

Mitochondria make energy for the cell to use. The power generators in a prison make the energy necessary to keep the prison's lights on and supply it with heat.

Why the vacuoles are like the prison cells:

Vacuoles store food and water within themselves. The cells in a prison store prisoners, while prisoners aren't food they are still stored within a cell.