Hornets Weekly News Corner!

Happy Last Day Week of September and the Beginning of October!

Time as really flown by this school year already! I want to first Thank everyone for making HIAT your choice school for your scholars.

We will be starting virtual testing for NWEA this week. Please make sure that you are assisting your scholar with logging into the test. PLEASE DO NOT help your scholar with the answers on the test. We need to make sure that their scores are THEIR SCORES!

Lastly, we are planning to bring scholars back into the building for in-person instruction! Please fill out the survey below so we can properly plan for your scholars.

Warm Regards


NWEA Virtual Testing Schedule

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This week Reading:

  • 3rd and 4th Grade Sept 29th
  • 5th and 6th Grade Sept 30th
  • 7th and 8th Grade Oct. 1st
  • K-2 will test next week due to Friday being No School for Scholars.

All scholars will be excused from class during testing for 9-11am! Scholars are expected to log into their afternoon classes.

Ms. Adams will contact her parents separately about when she will be testing her scholars.

Parents of scholars that will be tested will receive a test message from your proctor with instructions about testing the day before they are scheduled to test.

If your scholar came to in-person testing last week, they should follow their normal virtual schedules.

Returning back to In-person Instruction Planning!

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Parents we are planning on returning to in-person instruction on November 2nd.

We are going to have a Hybrid schedule where Group A and Group B scholars come on a week-on and week-off schedule.

• There will only be 14 scholars in class at a time.

• Scholars will be mandated to wear masks all day.

• Desks are 6ft apart for social distancing.

• Scholars who are at home for the week, will follow the virtual schedule listed below.

• NEW A and B groups will be created AFTER the survey is completed!

We will have a 100% Virtual Option as well. If you choose 100% Virtual here is how that will look:

• Scholars will have pre-recorded lessons

• Teachers will have a live touch point with scholars only twice a day.

• Teachers will not be live with scholars all day!

• Scholars will have independent self- paced assignments to complete daily.

• Scholars will engage in small groups weekly.

If you choose 100% virtual, YOU ARE COMMITTING to staying fully virtual until MARCH 31st.

• New Virtual Schedules will be created AFTER the survey is Completed!

Further communication about the logistics will come out after the survey is completed.

THE SURVEY must be completed by October 9th!!! NO EXCEPTATIONS... If you do not complete the survey, your scholar will be AUTOMATICALLY considered Virtual until March!!

PLEASE CLICK THE LINK BELOW to complete the survey!