By: Alyana Lovan


Jerry Yang and David Filo created a website which is called Yahoo. Both made Yahoo at Sanford University which was made in April 1994. Both Jerry and David made Yahoo because they wanted to change how the internet let You search up facts and also the wanted it to be a navigation guide to people.

When it First Started.

In the start of making Yahoo they had 2 million dollars in their hands but they needed to hire people and start getting the hang of working and owning a business. What happened to them next is that now they have the people and they also have to upgrade the important stuff like the computers. In April 12, 1996 they became public also with the help of investors. Now Yahoo is a successful company but they have to keep a very sharp on other companies and now a internet search tool. Also now they have business experience and know how to run things.
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Jerry Yang and David Filo.

Both of these two people wanted to make a new website so they could change the internet, make it easy to search things and help people looking up for information. Both went to Sanford University. Jerry was born in Taiwan and stayed till the age of 10 then moved to San Jose, California. David is from Moss Bluff, Louisiana and then left Tulane University and went to Sanford. They both earned there BS in in computer and MS. Jerry got his in 1990 and David 1988 and 1994. Jerry is one year older than David.

Effects on the Public.

Effects Yahoo made on the public is that it changed the internet and now it is easy to search for information easily. Also it changes about all most everything people do. They gave lots of information, it changes how we search things then before, and changes how we all do things. if we didn't have this it would be bad because we wouldn't be able to search for the information easily and it would have.

Fun Facts!

1. At first Yahoo was called ¨Jerry's Guide to the World Wide Web¨

2. Oct 2009 Yahoo has acquired 58 companies

3. Nov 30, 2008 Microsoft offered to buy Yahoo for 20 billion dollars

4. July 29, 2009 a 10 years deal with Microsoft which gave Microsoft access to Yahoo search, Bing


Address: 701 1st avenue, Sunnyvale, CA 94089.

Open hours: 8:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m.

Yahoo Infomation

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