Welcome our Ross Grandparents!

Thank you for joining us!!

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Mrs. O'Keefe and Mrs. Muller

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Drop and Go Vs Parking lot

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Our top priority, " students safety "

  • Please do not drop children in the middle lanes or bus lane
  • Do not leave your car unattended in the "drop and go" area, it's fire route and tow-away zone
  • If you want to park and walk you child/ren, please park in the parking lot and walk them
  • Most of the families are in walking distance of the school (except the FI students), please walk your child/ren to the school. It's a great way to get some fresh air and exercise too
  • Patience is important as winter is upon us
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Strong foundation for future learning

An engaging, play-based educational program develops:

Critical thinking

Inquiry skills to explore and investigate

Problem solving skills

Sharing learning with others

How can you help

  • Making your grandkids more independent, for e.g., toileting, dressing and undressing
  • Helping them to come to school on time, i.e., 8:50am, 5 minutes before school starts
  • Lots of Healthy snacks (fruits and salad) & healthy lunch
  • Talk and ask questions to the teachers and ECEs
  • Show interest in your grandkids learning
  • Attend events, assemblies and meetings
  • LION at Ross Drive every Thursday from 10:00am to 12:00pmand 12:30pm to 2:30pm
  • Visiting Parenting and Family Literacy Centres and Early child care centres
Learn Through Play - Ontario Early Years Centres

Above all, Connecting your grandkids to Nature

There is such a connection between spending time in the natural world and the developing brain. Students grow intellectually and spiritually.

Spending 20 minutes outdoor:

  • Helps wire the brain with positive thinking, feeling of appreciation and caring
  • Sense of awe and wonder
  • Improve concentration, observation and listening skills
  • Physical benefits- exercise, fresh air, Vit. D
  • Early concept of habitat and migration
  • Planting

Average children spend more time watching T.V, play video games then ride a bike or outdoors.