Making your money go further

Helping you to improve your financial situation

Guidance with household budgeting

Do you want to improve your financial and personal situation? Don’t let debt sneak up on you or one of your family – sign up for a short course at the Beacon Money Advice Centre, Bluntisham.

‘Making your money go further’ course is available on the following dates

Date: April 9th, May 11th

Time: Sessions start at 7.30 pm for the April course and 10 am for the May course

Venue: Bluntisham Baptist Church Hall

How long is the course?

Each course consists of two, two-hour sessions and is led by trained advisors.

Why should I act now?

It is never too early to review your financial situation.

If you sense there may be difficult times ahead for you or a family member please come to us and let us assist – in a friendly, relaxed environment.

What is the cost of the course?

The cost of the course is being covered by external funding.

Why might debts build up?

• Loss of job.

• Family break-up.

• Health problems.

• Gambling habit.

• Student loans.

• Mortgage interest hikes.

• Tempting offers of easy credit.

• Lack of appreciation of financial issues.

Any of the above problems – and others besides – can contribute to financial challenges within a household. The best course of action is to head off difficulties before they develop, and that’s where our courses will help.

Why should I come along?

• If you’re unsure of your financial situation.

• If you would like to understand household budgeting.

• Reach a specific financial goal

• Or if you simply want to improve your circumstances.

How will the course be conducted?

• It will be a workshop style with short presentations, group exercises and time for questions.

• You will not be expected to discuss or share any personal financial information.

How will the sessions help?

After attending you will understand

• How to balance the money coming in with the money going out

• How to be more aware of where your money goes and how you can learn to spend less.

• How to access opportunities to develop personally once a financial burden is lifted.

What should I do now?

To register your interest contact us by phone or email.

Phone 07500 479 160


Our trained advisors will be pleased to confirm a place on the course most convenient to you.

Background information

Most people are unaware of their financial situation and how it may impact on their family lives or personal development.

Even though we live in a region that is perceived to be affluent one local advice centre in St.Ives is helping clients with total debts of more than £10million and personal debt is becoming a major cause for concern in Cambridgeshire.

In 2011 the Beacon Money Advice Centre (BMAC) was established in Bluntisham to support the local community by offering a free, confidential debt advice service. The service is now expanding to help avoid debt through budgeting skills training.