4th Grade News

Effort Leads to Excellence

August 11-August 28

Important Dates

  • August 11- First Day of School
  • August 20- PTO Meeting 7-8 pm Library
  • August 21- Back to School Bash
  • August 26- Freddy's Night 4-8 pm
  • August 28- No School- Professional Development Day


There are cases of head lice in our grade level. Please check your child.

Language Arts Curriculum- Unit 1: A Community of Character

In this 4 week unit, students will learn to effectively communicate through collaborative discussion, and written reading responses using details from the text to support their thinking. Being an effective communicator is essential to learning and being a productive community member.

Students will also be learning how rules, regulations, and documents are put in place in order to have a successful classroom, community, state and country. They will be using the Bill of Rights and the Constitution to understand the purpose of regulations and understand the viewpoints of others.

Unit 1 Learning Objectives- We will.....

  • know reader’s workshop expectations.

  • be able to collaborate through discussion.

  • know how to generate ideas for personal narratives.

  • know how to analyze characters.

  • understand how to reflect and summarize thoughts on theme and character development.

Unit 1 Content Objectives- We will.....

  • know why Missouri has a constitution.
  • understand the rights included in the Bill of Rights
  • know how authoritative decisions are made, enforced, and interpreted within the state government.
  • understand the functions of the three branches of government.

Mathematics- We will....

Our first topic of study in mathematics will be Topic 3. Students will understand place value objectives on the following topics.

  • 3.1- be able to read and write 3- digit and 4- digit numbers.
  • 3.2- understand how digits within a multi-digit number relate to each other by place value.
  • 3.3- know how to compare whole numbers through the thousands.

  • 3.4- understand how to compare whole numbers through the hundred thousands.
  • 3.5- be able to use place value to round whole numbers.
  • 3.6- know how to systematically find and record all possible outcomes for a situation.

Spelling List 1 - Week of August 17-Closed Syllables

  • satisfy
  • dwelling
  • astonish
  • napkin
  • respond
  • hottest
  • hospital
  • bucket
  • butler
  • summary

Spelling List 2 - Week of August 24th-Open Syllables

  • climate
  • propel
  • premium
  • humor
  • frozen
  • reprogram
  • document
  • recent
  • media
  • promote

Ask Me About

In this section you will find topics to discuss with your child about things he or she is learning about in school.

  • my fourth quarter goals in math, spelling, reading, and writing
  • Body Systems and our read aloud Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
  • metric units of measurement
  • what I can do to be prepared for the MAP test.

Jefferson City Field Trip

One of the most asked questions teachers field as we begin our school year is “Are we going to Jefferson City?” I am excited to say YES! We will be going to Jefferson City on two different dates. The Capital Building and Governor’s Mansion do not accommodate groups our size easily, so it logistically made more sense for us to split up into two days. Half of the grade level will be going on November 17th and the other half of the grade level will be going on November 19th. As soon as we decide which classrooms will be going on each date we will let you all know.

If you are interested in going with us on our field trip there are several things you need to know. First, we have limited seating on the charter buses, so each class will only be allowed to bring 4 parents on the bus with us. Any other parents interested are more than welcome to drive themselves and meet us in Jefferson City. In order to ride on the bus and lead a student group, you must have cleared the background check from the Francis Howell School District by October 1. A letter asking for volunteers will be sent home mid-September. Each teacher will put all volunteers with background checks into a random drawing on October 1 and you will be notified of the results shortly after. Parents that are not chosen to ride the bus with the classes may still go on the trip, but they would need to provide their own transportation. Any parent not completing their background check in time may not ride the bus, so if you wish to ride the bus please use the link below to complete the process.


Lastly, this trip is LONG! We leave around 8 AM and will not return until around 5:30. During our trip, there is a fair amount of walking and stair climbing. It is not too late to start training!

We are excited to host this awesome adventure for your child! If you have questions about the trip that have not been addressed please feel free to call your child’s teacher.