The Titanic

by Chad Buffenmyer Taylor Schneider panda bear and my murky

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I am so excited for this trip that I am going on! And what makes it better, is that it is on the Titanic! My name is George Smith. I am a middle-class man. I don’t get to go in the fancy suits or anything, but at least I am on the best ship of my time! I hope you can understand how excited I am for this trip……………. {Click Here For Photo Credit}

On the boat.

I love the food on here, and there are a lot of rich people. I wish I had a lot of money like they do. There is no danger on this trip, because this ship is indestructable! The only thing that is even close to being able to sink this ship is an iceberg. But they have lookout towers to spot icebergs……….

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Contact with the Iceburg

There has been a loud noise on the side of the ship. People just told me that it was an iceberg. I’m scared. But I am relying this indestructible ship.

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The boat has split.

The whole ship is now sinking! Someone help me!!! Get to the lifeboats! The ship is snapping in half! AHHHHHHHHH I’M FALLING! HEEEELLLP!

Suddenly, someone helped me up.

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“Thank you kind sir!” I said. “What might you name be?”

“My name is Benja. Let’s go to the lifeboats!” And so, we jumped into the lifeboats and survived.

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