See, Think, Wonder

Tracy Clark | TCEATOTS 2015

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Thinking Routines in Action

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Thinking Routine: See, Think, Wonder

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Activity: See, Think, Wonder

Look at the Google Doodle Above & on the Padlet

1. Go Here: What do you see? Try to focus just on what you see (not what you think about it yet...)

2. Go Here: What do you think about that?

3. Go Here: What does it make you wonder?

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Activity: See, Think, Wonder

1. Use one of the following apps (or another app of your choice) to think through the See, Think, Wonder routine

2. Tweet the link to your creation with the #tceatots & #visiblethinking

Thinking Routine: What makes you say that?

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Activity: What makes you say that?

  • Listen to the story
  • Be Thinking: What's going on here? Why might I think that?
  • Listen again: this time you will draw what is going on in the story using a drawing app of your choice such as (Aww App, Paper by 53)

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