Mrs. Lyons' February Newsletter

Math, Science, Social Studies

Can you believe it's already FEBRUARY!!?

February is jammed packed with all sorts of themes! Groundhog's Day, Valentine's Day, President's Day, and American Symbols.

Social Studies: President's Day Unit Project

We always do a big unit for President's Day in First grade. If you haven't already heard, your child can probably recite all 45 president's in order. We will read and learn more about Washington and Lincoln as two of our most famous presidents, but will also learn more about the first 32 presidents with each first grader being assigned their own president to research. Students were given their assigned president many months ago, but will be reminded when their assignment is given. Students will have two President projects due. The first part is due on Friday, February 10th and the second part is due on Friday 2/17. Parents or another adult will have to help complete this project. This project requires time and research help on the adult's part, but the report MUST be completed by the child. (In their best handwriting) Students may need help with spelling when writing their report. The reports should be written neatly and students need to practice reading their report for a big presentation on their president. They will present their report to the class so that we can learn more about each president. Students should be fully prepared for this presentation to begin on Monday, February 20th.

Of course, they just add Donald Trump's name at the end....


We will be having timed math facts test each Friday for the rest of the year, except on Friday's during short weeks and/or ITBS testing week. The test of the week is provided in the homework pack and should be used as a practice test during the week. The goal is to complete at least 24 of the 25 math facts in 2 minutes. All students will have the opportunity to retest on math fact test if they wish to get their name on the Mastery board. If your child has not made a Mastery yet, they will. I know they can.

Unit Test Dates:

Thursday, February 9th

Excel Test 8

Chapter 7 Science Test: Weather

Thursday, February 23rd

Unit 6 Addition and Subtraction Concepts

Excel Test 9

Presidents" Washington and Lincoln Facts

Chapter 8 Science Test

Homework Packets to be assigned each Monday

Homework Packets match our weekly lessons and are always due on Friday unless otherwise stated on the packet. February math homework will be math facts only due to other projects being assigned. The 2 project assignments will require adult help.

Week 24: +7 Math Facts Practice Test and President Project 1 (Due 2/10)

Week 25: +8 Math Facts Practice Test and President Project 2 (Due 2/17)

Week 26: + 9 Math Facts Practice Test / Chapter 17: Measurement Lessons (Due 2/24)

Math Lessons

For February, we are working on Unit 6, Addition and Subtraction concepts. This is a review unit, however, we will be practicing new strategies for mastering basic math facts concepts. We will start lessons on Measurement with Unit 7 the last week of February.


We are finishing up our lessons on weather and will move into mini lessons in science as we move our focus to our big unit in Social Studies on Presidents!

We will have a test on Chapter 7: Weather on Thursday, February 9th. A study guide was sent home today (2/2/17) if your child was at school. Please review and study as needed.

Valentine's Day Box Project

We will have our class party on Tuesday, February 14th. Students are encouraged to decorate a medium size box to hold cards and/or treats that they may receive at the Valentine exchange party. You do not have to spend a lot of money, or any money at all. Wrapping a box with wrapping paper and decorating is just fine, but you can also go all out too! It's up to you! Send boxes by February 13th. We have 32 students in 1st grade. Students will be allowed to move about both classes to exchange cards.

Sample Boxes

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