A beautiful and amazing place to visit


One of the amazing Colorado features is mountains. Colorado Mountains are a great place for skiing. The mountains are also one of the only places where Grizzly Bears are located! Why not take a train up the mountain with your family. While visiting the mountains you might see people mining for gold. If you’re lucky enough you might even get to try. Colorado Mountains are such a great place to visit, just look at all the features!

Outdoor Fun

The second amazing activity is outdoor fun. Hikes are great ways to keep your family active and still have fun. One great hike for beginners is Hanging Lake Trail. It’s short, steep, and only one mile long. Another one if you’re comfortable with hikes a national park trail called Ute Trail. It has a tundra walk, it’s also 11,000 feet above sea level, and its four miles long! Another outdoor activity is mountain biking. It’s great for families who have older kids. You might even enjoy some of the state trails. Some good trails are Colorado Trail, and Kehopellis Trail. The last thing is stream fishing (also good for families with older kids.) There are lots of streams and fish. Witch fish will you catch? Those are some of the great outdoor activities!

Famous Attractions

The third amazing attractions are famous places to visit. The first is Garden of the Gods. This is the most popular place in Colorado Springs. This large park is 1350 acres. There are a lot of trails and plants to explore. Lots of visitors and families are usually attracted here. The next famous Colorado place is Pikes Peak. It’s a great and beautiful place to visit. Great for families and friends, but not if you’re scared of heights! The next place is a fun attraction. It’s Colorado Springs a famous city in Colorado. Colorado Springs has the wonderful Cheyenne Mountain Zoo! It also has the U.S Olympic training center headquarters. Those are some of the famous places to visit in Colorado!