New York labor

Miranda lowman

Sell your soul to the devil

During the progressive era, times were a lot different then now days. Children can't work until they are 16 years of age, legally. You can work between the ages of 13-15 as long as you have a permit. How would you feel if you couldn't have food on the table unless you sent your kid to work long hours and hard jobs?

In the 1800' s and many years before and after, children were working long hours, more than any child should have to work at that age. The children would wake up in the morning like their parents, go to work like their parents and work mutual, or harder jobs then their parents. The parents could be 20-30 years old and the kid be 8 and still be working harder then them. Back in the progressive era, people didn't know differently. But the way the kids get treated, is bad. The kids might as we'll sell their soul to the devil to make a living and support their family. That's a lot of pressure a child should never have to face at that young of an age. The problem with kids working is, they didn't have a choice. Their parents made them work because If they I didn't, they would not have any food on the table that night.the jobs that the kids would have to work would be to do things adults couldn't, because they are bigger. Children would have to get in between machines to work on them. Most kids would get fingers cut of on sharp objects while fixing the machines. Many would die by getting sucked into certain machines. This has impacted our country historically because we realized that it was time for a change and so we made it happen.

The historical solutions we have made to overcome child labor, it to not have any at all. But at the same time, we still have it. We don't have it as bad, or even close to as bad as the progressive era. Children get the choice between if they want to work, 16 is the legal age in most states. There are so many options you have to provide for yourself other then working, is it fair? Some would agree yes and others, no. Food stamps is big helping factor in the states, it helps people that don't have Jobs, put food on the table. The U.S has come a long way from letting 5 years die, to giving out free food from the tax payer for those who need it.

Politician cartoon

Greed: 1908

I think this cartoon is about men and women who keep wanting their kids to suffer, and company owners because greed is very strong. It's very easy to forget about what's important when you are getting more money then you have ever before. This was sketched in 1908 when a lot of states had already stopped child labor, this is to the rest who haven't. This impacts and shows children how it looks to owners of company's etc.
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What's living with you?

There are many problems with the tenement buildings and extreme overcrowding. In 1900 over two million people were living in these tenement buildings which had no running water and were breeding grounds for disease. Overcrowding, poverty, and poor sanitation made it easy for diseases to spread rapidly and do damage. Tuberculosis is a leading killer, responsible for 35% of deaths of people between the ages of 15 and 35.

Overcrowding is a main factor of this. What stops Tuberculosis from spreading is sunlight and good ventilation, which are definitely lacking in the tenement buildings, Tuberculosis won't be stopped. Extreme overcrowding as well as confined living conditions make house fires an extreme danger as well.The tenement building have no fire-proofing and the only way to escape is by ladders which are difficult for children and elderly to use. Tenement buildings are the source of many problems and nearly two thirds of the people are living in them.

Sports heros

During the progressive era, many different Typea of sports started to come up. One of them being baseball. Baseball was a very concentrated sport in the eyes of sport fanatics. It was the perfect time to plant it's roots in american society then, and now. In the early 1900's one of the Most famous men of baseball history came alive on the dirt of a stadium. Babe Ruth was a man that made history. But before him, in the late 1800'S is when baseball came alive. Most teams started off small, then because big after years. Baseball has been a great accomplishment in american history and crazy sports fans.
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