Monthly Mental Health Reminder


Maybe Christmas he thought, doesn't come from a store. Maybe Christmas perhaps, means a little bit more. -the Grinch

Put it on Your Calendar!

December 3rd @ 2pm is the Loudonville Christmas Parade.

December 3rd @ 6pm is the Ashland Christmas Parade.

December 6th Crafternoon. Children & teens can make a Christmas ornament at the Loudonville Public Library at 3:30.

December 10th Merry Grinchmas from 10am-12 at the Loudonville Public Library. Games, crafts, hot chocolate and meet the Grinch.

December 13th Make Cake Pops at the Loudonville Public Library at 3:30pm. This is only for grades 4-12 and sign ups are required!

December 20th watch Elf (the movie) at the Loudonville Public Library at 3:30pm. There will be pizza, snacks, and hot chocolate. For grades 4-12 only.

December 21st there is a 1 hour early dismissal for students!

December 22 - Jan 2 there is no school.

Don't forget to check our sports calendars!

Event + Response = Outcome

Events happen that we cannot control but we can control how we respond to them. The same event might happen to five people but they could each respond differently thus getting a different outcome.

Remember that the things out of your control are natural disasters, car accidents, others words, actions, feelings or behaviors.

Things that are in your control your words, your actions, your behaviors, your response!

Food Resources

-Mobile food pantry; 421 Campus Ave, Loudonville. (HS field house parking)

Every 3rd Friday, 10am until supply is gone.

-Lakeville United Methodist Church; 14029 SR 226, Lakeville.

2nd & 4th Saturday of the month, 9-11am get groceries to take home.

-Loudonville United Methodist Church; 124 N Market St. Loudonville.

1st & 3rd Monday of each month, 5-6:30pm take to go meals.

-Matthew 25 Outreach; 647 E Main St. Ashland.

4th Saturday of each month get produce to take home.

Call 419-961-0110 to find out time.

LP Resources

-Community Help Mission can give assistance with rent, utilities, or food. #419-685-4991

-Helping Hands can assist with groceries, gas cards, or utilities. #419-606-6938

-Kno-Ho-Co-Ashland can assist with rent, utilities, home weatherization, or temporary shelter. #419-281-4327

Worth a Try!

Coping skills! We use coping skills everyday, sometimes we don't ever realize that we are using them. Coping is a response to a stressor. There are healthy & unhealthy ways of coping. Unhealthy ways of coping are drinking alcohol or overeating when stressed. Healthy ways of coping are going for a walk, reading a book, writing in a journal, drawing, exercising, cooking.

Christmas Craft Idea

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