Fighting Through the Pain

By: Caleb Burgess, Will Johnson

List of Items

First aid kit from plane. To take car of wounds

Air Marshals gun. To hunt and to defend

Air plane snacks and drinks. To keep from starving

Toilet paper. For self hygiene and kindling

A rifle that a hunter had. To hunt with

People's wallets. Money/bribery for people you find. And kindling

Lighter. For fires and flame thrower

Hairspray. For flame thrower.

Parachute from plane. For rope and signaling and shelter


We are lost in the middle of The jungle close to Peru. Our goal is to make it to the coast of Peru.

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Our bios


Building a shelter

We need to build a shelter off the ground because many poisonous creatures crawl on the ground. Also we must get on high land to get away from the flash floods. Plus we must protect ourselves from the extreme weather, and animals. These might threaten our survival because if we get bit by something poisonous we might not make it out in time. The weather like rain might give us swamp foot and/or hypothermia. Plus a shelter will give us a place to rest and regroup. The best shelter to build would be a hammock. You could use vines and bamboo to hold it up on 2 sturdy trees. While the hammock itself would be made out of the parachute.

Daily Struggle

In the jungle it's hard to see more than a couple hundred feet, you can also become dehydrated and die. You can't easily acquire food and water in the jungle, so there is a very high possibility that you will become malnourished and won't be able to survive.

One Accomplishment

In the jungle, there aren't any open spaces to practice yoga, so we used the hairspray and lighter from the plane to make a flamethrower. We burnt down a large area using our handy dandy homemade flamethrower, we were then able to commence our yoga practice.

One hardship

The neighboring cannibals are always inviting us to dinner, and it is always so hard to keep coming up with excuses to get out of it every time they ask.

Extraction Point

We finally made our way out to the West and ended up on the beach in Peru