English 12: Go Digital!

How and When to Use Your Devices with Mr. Priddle...

iPod, iPad, Tablet, Smartphone, GPS, Googleglasses, Camera, Smartboard, Smartpen, and more!!

Decide on what digital gadget best fits your planned approach to your chosen assignment. Reflect on each of the following when choosing. What am I planning to write, make, create, record, demonstrate, model, or present? How can I most effectively create my finished product? What communication skill am I focusing on? What learning do I want to take away?

Reading, Writing, and Responsibility!!

English 12 is all about learning how to form, express, and defend an idea. English 12 is all about learning to read and respond to text. Much of our text is delivered digitally, much of our expression is digital. What are my rights and responsibilities in accessing, interacting with, responding to, and expressing opinions about digital media?