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Q2: Collaborative Peer Review- Conferring

Your Peer Review for this Quarter is focused on Conferring. You will need to arrange a time to observe someone during conferring. This is due on December 12.

  1. Prearrange to be in the classroom during conferring.
  2. Fill out the form.
  3. Prior to submitting, CLICK File, Print.
  4. In the lower lefthand corner, you will see PDF. Select Save as PDF, and name and save it where you want.
  5. CLICK Submit.
  6. Open an email and attach the peer review to send to the person you saw.

Click for the Peer Review:

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Here is a picture from the Kittle training that took place early in the week last week. Penny was modeling writing with students. She says that to be a teacher of writing, you have to be a writer yourself. Write, and then show how you edit, and what you do to make your writing better. This is how she works in grammar, punctuation, word choice and a million other skills with young writers.

Along the same lines, Tovani says we need to give students time to do the work of mathematicians, scientists, historians, musicians, artists, readers and writers. In setting up those experiences for your students, the models students need to be successful with the task.