Hunter Safety Rules

Help us keep your students safe!

We are working hard at keeping your students safe here at Hunter Elementary! Here are some important ways parents can assist with our campus safety:

1. Please ensure students are only on school grounds during our supervised times:

Before school 8:45-9:05am (9:05-9:20 Wed. late start)

After school 3:55-4:05p

Breakfast is served at 8:45am (9:00-9:20 Wed. late start)

2. There are yellow lines painted on the blacktop portion of the playground. They are considered “No Cross Lines” and are off-limit areas to any visitors that have not checked in at the front office.

3. All scooters, skateboards and bikes must be walked on campus. This applies to students and parents.

4. We are excited to have a new security system on all our exterior doors. Please follow the directions posted near the front doors to notify the office that you are here.

5. If you are new to Hunter or have not scanned your driver's license through our Raptor system recently, please give yourself a few extra minutes to get your account set up when you check your student out for the first time. Identification is required when a student leaves campus during school hours.

This month we will be conducting a fire drill, a lock down drill and a reverse evacuation drill. If you have questions or would like additional information on these drills please visit our district website at School Safety / School Safety (